TACHS Checklist

   Review online remote testing system and device requirements prior to registration.

   Understand and be able to consent to the use of Proctorio; the AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that will monitor and record your student’s test session.

   Register for the exam via Internet at www.tachsinfo.com or telephone at 1-866-61TACHS (1-866-618-2247) between August 22, 2022 9:00 EST and October 27, 2022 11:59 EST. Do not miss the deadline!

   On the day you register, read and review the follow-up email that will be sent to you which will provide other important information regarding preparing for testing, and the next necessary steps.

   If applicable, complete and submit the Eligibility Form for Students Needing Extended Testing Time, to your aligned diocese no later than October 7, 2022. There are NO deadline exceptions.

   After you register (you will need your assigned TACHS id), but prior to 11:59 PM EST on November 5, 2022, enter your High School choices at www.tachsinfo.com. Your choices may be entered/changed up until November 5, 11:59 EST. Failure to complete this information by November 5, will result in scores being unavailable to your High School choices.

   Attend High School Information Fairs/Expos and Open Houses if they are available. (attendance is optional).

   Answer sample test questions in the back of the online Student Handbook. No online practice test is available.

   On November 2, receive your test date/time/session code via the email address you provided at the time of registration. You will not be able to start your test session on the day/time of testing without this information. Between Nov 1-5, you may also access your test date/time/test session code at www.tachsinfo.com by entering your TACHS id and email address or call 1-866-61TACHS (1-866-618-2247) if you did not receive your email and/or are unable to access your test date/time/session code at www.tachsinfo.com.

   Continue to monitor for any updated Parent Guides/Tips for Testing Day at www.tachsinfo.com up until your day of testing. Failure to do so, may negatively impact the student testing experience.

   BE ON TIME. Students logging in more than 30 minutes after their test session begins, will not be able to enter the exam.

   Begin the logging in process no less than 30 minutes prior to your test session time.

   Public school students: provide your 8th grade counselor with a copy of the Applicant Record form with Section A completed, ask them to complete the remaining three sections and photocopy as needed. A school official should mail copies of the Applicant Record to each of the student’s (3) HS choices to arrive on/before December 15, 2021.

   Receive your High School Admissions Notice and scored Home Reports in mid-January.

   Riverside Insights™, along with the Archdiocese of New York, the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens, and the Diocese of Rockville Centre (Long Island) does not encourage or endorse programs that coach/tutor students for the TACHS. The TACHS is a highly secure exam, therefore, programs that claim to have copies of the test are likely to be invalid. Doing well on tutoring practice tests does not guarantee the student will perform as well on the actual TACHS exam; test results of students who participate in these programs frequently offer distorted profiles of students’ abilities. Students who do well in elementary school can expect to do well on the TACHS. Sample questions, and more information regarding the content of the exam, can be found toward the end of the Student Handbook located at www.tachsinfo.com.